VA Radio up and running

2009-08-12 18:06:40 by tekedo

VA Radio is DONE, the first episode is avalable for download HERE

and our Website is also up, VA HERE

Go there, we have a forum set up and we are always looking for new things to talk about on the show!

(VA Radio Team)

New tablet, big hopes

2008-08-20 20:04:51 by tekedo

i finaly got an art tablet and am also writeing a flash or audio play (one or the other and cant decide)

ill keep evryone who actualy cares updated


2008-08-13 02:55:33 by tekedo

[simi top secret]

something haveing to do with orange and blue and a gun and an evil computer and a huge test

(pm me and ill tell you if you guesed right) :]


ITS based on a game from 2007 by a compony thats name start with a V

Edit: DONE